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About Matthias Geier

Matthias is responsible for strategic portfolio management in EMEA at Swisslog Healthcare. In order to initiate scalable solutions and technologies, he and his team initiate in-depth analyses of the problems hospitals encounter in their daily workflows, compare them across institutional and national boundaries, and summarize the findings for internal and external target groups. As Solution Manager, he accompanies the products through the entire lifecycle and constantly discovers potential for further development and improvement, which he passes to product development.

Matthias expertise in a nutshell:

  • Translator of customer and sales information to the development department and vice versa
  • Master in preparing information in a way that is suitable for the recipient
  • Always looking for new ideas and innovations for better patient care
  • Relay's best friend


In addition to his analytical understanding, Matthias, who spent several years working abroad in Europe and Asia, brings profound intercultural knowledge to the team and enriches Swisslog Healthcare with best practices in portfolio strategy from other industries, such as finance and automotive. Matthias finds a balance to his concentrated and focused job after work: By occasionally getting on the wrong train and unexpectedly discovering new spots in the Winterthur region.