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TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System

TranspoNet helps care professionals execute their mission by taking care of two of the most important material flows in the hospital – those for diagnostics & therapy.

Optimal for
Inpatient Pharmacy Facility Management Nurse Ward Laboratory Hospital Planning

We care about integrated, transparent and secure deliveries

Our solution is not a single product, but an integrated system that bundles material and data flows across departments.

We make sure that all parties involved can transparently track the delivery status of medication, specimen and blood samples.


Integration with pharmacy and laboratory​

TranspoNet integrates with pharmacy automation robots (e.g. Therapick) and laboratory analysis lines to automate medication management and lab sample intralogistics.​

Workflow support

TranspoNet PTS stations support workflows on the sending as well receiving side. Sending and receiving ports are designed with ergonomy in mind. Users are guided through the process.​

Chain-of-custody and transparency​

Real-time status notification as well as traceability of all steps during the delivery process. Both sender and receiver benefit from transparent tracking and manual queries are significantly reduced.​

Secure and safe

Protecting your deliveries is essential for a safe workflow embedded in your hospital's operation. Our PTS station are designed to protect arrived carriers in lockable cabinets. Authentication via RFID cards ensures that the right recipient gets access to sensitive material such as blood products or medication.​

Advanced options

We offer a wide portfolio of healthcare pneumatic tube system accessoires - which means you can design a system that uniquely meets your facility's needs.

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