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Maintain the highest reliability of your TranspoNet system through advanced carriers.

Carriers are the most active part in a pneumatic tube system, running through the tubes several times every day. A well performing and maintained carrier has a positive impact overall TranspoNet operations and performances. You can choose tools and practices to make sure to obtain only the best from your TranspoNet pneumatic tube system.

31 March 2021

A worn carrier might negatively impact on the reliability of your TranspoNet pneumatic tube system. Damaged velcro rings can cause carrier being stuck in the tubing or not properly slowed down at arrival, dirty body can spread particles, not to mention the risk of losing materials if the lid is not properly closed or body damaged.

To help you ensuring you use only the best for your pneumatic tube system we have introduced the Carrier Maintenance program, that includes:

  • Check of the Velcro rings.
  • Check carrier body on functionality and damage.
  • Check closing of the lids.
  • Clean carrier with assigned detergent (inside, outside, velcro cavity etc.)

You will benefit from: reduced warnings and messages, increased reliability and hygiene of your TranspoNet pneumatic tube system, measured and forecasted availability of your system and its components.

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How to choose the right carrier?

With TranspoNet a large variety of materials such as lab specimens, blood products, pharmaceuticals, documents, supplies, and other materials can be transported throughout your hospital. That’s why we have a portfolio of carriers suitable for the different use cases. Discover more about our available carriers.

We’re proud to introduce you to the new LeakResistant carrier, used to transport liquids goods, such as blood samples in hospitals. Its special closing mechanism ensures a higher standard of protection. The sealing characteristics have been tested under laboratory conditions by Steinbeis Institute, and proved to be confirmed by highest standards and protocols.

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