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Outpatient pharmacy automation

Outpatient pharmacy automation streamlines workflows to give you more time to advise patients and monitor adherence. Our scalable automated solutions ensure safe storage and accurate retrieval, increase efficiency and transaction times – and optimize space, which is particularly valuable for smaller pharmacy environments. Enhanced medication safety and inventory control, and the ability to minimize errors, are other key benefits of our flexible systems. Accurate tracking also lets you reduce inventory waste, creating significant cost savings.

We care about medication handling

Automate tedious dispensing processes, like medication packaging and storage and retrieval, so you can spend less time gathering up prescriptions and more time counseling patients. Our flexible Outpatient Pharmacy Automation solutions enable you to safely streamline workflows, efficiently manage inventory, and provide better care.

Outpatient Pharmacy 2

Outpatient pharmacy automation solutions tailored to your needs

From enhancing inventory control and safe dispensing to improving efficiency so you have more time to focus on care, our automation technology can significantly improve workflows at your hospital. Our flexible solutions are also tailored to your specific requirements, so they work for you now and in the future.

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