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TranspoNet Tubes

Modernizing your Hospital's Pneumatic Tube System

Pneumatic Tube System Modernization is an upgrading program designed to maximize the investment in your TranspoNet PTS by ensuring that all components are up-to-date, work optimally, and reliably on our most current technology. Your hospital’s pneumatic tube system transports critical materials across departments daily. Ensuring this system running at peak performance is critical to your facility’s productivity.

Keeping pace with growth – keeping pace with you

Keeping up with the evolution of technology means having up-to-date components, improved system performance, and lower operating costs. With the most current technology in place, we can ensure you are on pace with your facility's growth and development since the system was installed.

  • Customizable - We create a customized roadmap for your facility, focusing on critical upgrades, followed by a phased upgrading schedule.

  • Decrease Interruptions - By evaluating your system today, we can build a phased modernization plan together that works for your facility to protect you from service interruptions.

  • Fit your budget - We work together with you to build the upgrading plan while adhering to your budget, timeline, and operational requirements.


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