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Swisslog Healthcare remote system monitoring team working together to provide around-the-clock technical support for pneumatic tube system customers.

TransLogic® Remote System Monitoring

Our pneumatic tube system Remote System Monitoring service is an industry first. This advanced customer service option enables 24/7/365 observation of your TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) from our Customer Care Center in Denver, Colorado. What you get: real-time technical support, proactive maintenance and immediate response that keeps your tube system running.

Immediate alarm response

The Remote Monitoring Service allows around-the-clock observation so that when an alarm goes off, troubleshooting instantly kicks into gear – often before you’re even aware of a problem. Activity is monitored by the Customer Care Center (CCC), which sends updates and reports along to your team. If alarms come up, CCC technicians jump into action, resolving alerts and returning systems to normal or letting your on-site first responders know exactly where to investigate issues.

By responding quickly and thoroughly to alarms, we can maximize system uptime and enable smoother performance both immediately and down the road. Remote System Monitoring integrates with Nexus™ Software to directly oversee the activity and health of your pneumatic tube system.

Powered by Nexus™ Software

Nexus is a core technology providing connectivity and integration for your tube system hardware, software and accessories. Thanks to the enhanced visibility Nexus provides, Remote System Monitoring is able to monitor functions, infrastructure and activites, reporting back to the CCC in real time.

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