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Swisslog Creates Connections for Smart Hospitals at the 22nd Congress of EAHP

Swisslog Healthcare introduces its new TheraPick™ Automated Packaging and Dispensing System and Enterprise Software Portal at the EAHP Congress in Cannes.

20 mars 2017

Swisslog Healthcare is launching new technology for smart hospitals at the largest congress for hospital pharmacy in Europe – the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP), taking place in Cannes on 22-24 March 2017. At the EAHP Congress, Swisslog will introduce its new TheraPick Automated Packaging and Dispensing System, the next-generationsolution for smart automated medication management.

TheraPick is a robotic packaging, storage and dispensing solution for unit-dose medications. Its unique Blister Unit Dose (BUD) packaging format preserves the medication’s primary packaging to ensure its integrity and expiry date. Designed to optimize medication workflow and handling by nursing personnel at point of care, TheraPick streamlines pharmacy operations, reduces human workload, optimizes space utilization and ensures transparency and complete traceability of medications in a variety of dosage formats. Only Swisslog combines experience in warehousing and distribution as well as healthcare robotics to improve efficiency and safety in hospital pharmacies.

“This year, EAHP visitors will experience how we create connections across the continuum of care through medication management, material transport and supply chain management solutions to improve workflows and encourage patient-centered care,” says Patrick Koch, Head of Swisslog Healthcare – EMEA. “With Swisslog solutions, hospital can work smarter and improve patient outcomes. We are looking forward to demonstrating our recent innovations to European pharmacists,” Koch concludes.

In its booth 35, Swisslog will feature a virtual reality experience of groundbreaking automation and demonstrate modules of its Enterprise Software Portal, shown in December at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting. This platform offers a suite of enterprise software applications, such as Pharmacy Inventory Manager and Warehouse Manager, enabling health systems to automate their supply chain and create smart connections among their warehouses, pharmacies and wards.

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