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Launch of Unit Dose Blister TheraPick Medication Management Solution in the UK

The TheraPick from Swisslog Healthcare automates the packaging, storage, and dispensing of unit-dose medications in healthcare facilities. Cleveland Clinic London will be the first facility in the UK to install this innovative system.

7 novembre 2019

Swisslog Healthcare announces the purchase of a TheraPick by Cleveland Clinic London. Swisslog Healthcare will supply, implement, and maintain the automated packaging and dispensing system.

Cleveland Clinic is one of the leading providers of specialised medical care in the world, focused on providing clinical excellence and superior patient outcomes and is currently building a hospital in Central London, opening in 2021.

The TheraPick will optimise the flow of medication handling to ensure high standards of patient safety are achieved. TheraPick portions blistered medications into Blister Unit Doses (BUD) and other forms of medication such as vials and ampoules into Unit-Dose (UD) bags. The BUD format preserves the integrity of the medication’s primary packaging and eliminates any uncertainty surrounding expiration date and contamination.

The modular system eases medication administration for busy nursing staff by introducing safety measures directly into the process facilitating Bar Code Medicines Administration (BCMA) practices. TheraPick scales to meet the unique requirements of every facility.

We are proud to introduce unit dose medication management in the United Kingdom. The TheraPick will deliver a high degree of patient safety, including medication traceability and intelligent dispensing technology. We are confident other institutions will, in turn, consider the TheraPick system as one that helps to lead change for better care.

Stephan Sonderegger, CEO Swisslog Healthcare

“This project is an important part of Cleveland Clinic London’s ambition to create an environment that delivers world-class clinical care. Our goal is to provide patients with the highest levels of medication safety. The TheraPick™ will help us to further our aim to eliminate medication administration errors, unnecessary medication waste, contribute to medication cost reduction, and optimize the work of our Pharmacy and Nursing teams.”, says Francine de Stoppelaar, Director of Pharmacy at Cleveland Clinic London.

Unit Doses, produced by TheraPick, and BCMA, minimise the major cause of medication errors, the human factor. The system automates the entire administration process; the prescribed medication is delivered to hospital departments in labelled and barcoded unit doses. This ensures the nursing workflow becomes more efficient, to enable nurses to concentrate more on direct patient care. The amount of manual work required from the hospital pharmacy is also reduced, freeing up pharmacy staff to concentrate on clinical tasks and patient counseling.

TheraPick is the ideal medication management solution in European and Asia Pacific markets, where hospitals are supplied with medications in blister form. TheraPick is currently installed in several hospitals in Switzerland, France and Singapore. Additional installations at hospitals in the Netherlands, Finland, Hong-Kong and Thailand are planned.

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