Swisslog Strengthens Healthcare Technology Portfolio With the Acquisition of Tecnilab SpA

Swisslog Healthcare announces the acquisition of strategic automation partner Tecnilab to expand its market presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific and strengthen its pharmacy automation technology portfolio. The companies collaborated on successful hospital outpatient pharmacy automation development over the past three years. The acquisition strengthens the Swisslog portfolio of inpatient and outpatient healthcare technology solutions.


Swisslog Healthcare announces the acquisition of Tecnilab Group, a global leader in pharmacy automation and logistics technology for healthcare systems. Swisslog and Tecnilab have partnered over the past three years to introduce the UniPick™ 2 Drug Dispensing System for outpatient pharmacies and the TheraPick™ Automated Packaging and Dispensing System for inpatient pharmacies. The acquisition strengthens the existing global Swisslog technology portfolio in inpatient and outpatient pharmacy automation.

“Tecnilab has been an outstanding development partner for Swisslog,” states Stephan Sonderegger, CEO for Swisslog Healthcare. “Their retail and outpatient systems complement Swisslog technology to provide health systems with a totally integrated solution for inpatient and outpatient medication management.” The acquisition expands Swisslog Healthcare’s market presence in the strategic regions of Europe and Asia-Pacific..

Giancarlo Gervasi, Founder and Managing Director of Tecnilab adds, “Together, we bring a strategic competence in research and development for pharmacy automation solutions that is unmatched. Our ability to listen to customers and deliver robotic solutions that address their needs provides significant value in safety, efficiency and process improvement.”

Swisslog and Tecnilab signed a technology partnership agreement in June 2013, which was announced in the Swisslog Annual Report. Tecnilab’s operations in Cuneo, Italy will be integrated into Swisslog Healthcare’s Technology Center organization, supported by the current Tecnilab management team.
Swisslog Healthcare is a leading supplier of automation and software solutions for material transport, medication management and supply chain management in healthcare facilities. Swisslog has installed facility-wide and pharmacy automation systems in more than 3,000 hospitals worldwide. Swisslog Healthcare offers total system design, manufacturing, installation and customer support – providing an integrated solution for lean workflow and operations that enhances information access, patient safety and cost efficiency.

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