Swisslog Wins 2016 Health Leadership (Líderes da Saúde) Award for “Supplies and Logistics”

Brazilian healthcare community recognizes Swisslog Healthcare for its leadership in innovation and brand impact.


Swisslog Healthcare announces it has won the Líderes da Saúde 2016 Award in recognition of its efforts in automating medication management in Brazil. Healthcare experts in Brazil voted Swisslog as a Leader in Healthcare for its innovative “supplies and logistics.”

Swisslog was awarded “because of the work it has been done in partnership with Hospital Sírio Libanês, by the results of this project and by the recognition in the Brazilian marketing of the brand’s impact.” In 2016, Swisslog demonstrated the results of its first pharmacy automation project in Brazil, installed at Hospital Sírio Libanês and began installation of a second pharmacy automation project at Hospital Albert Einstein. The company’s PillPick® Automated Unit Dose Packaging and Dispensing System and BoxPicker™ Automated Pharmacy Storage System support safe and efficient medication packaging, storage and dispensing in hospital pharmacies, promoting better patient care.

“Our vision is to enable better healthcare by giving our customers fast and easy ways to provide safe, efficient and effective operations. Swisslog healthcare solutions and services help caregivers focus on serving patients by giving them more time to spend with patients, which improves patient experiences and outcomes,” says Massimo Zagnoni, VP Sales EMEA of Swisslog Healthcare. “With healthcare leaders in Brazil, we are building the foundation for expanding the development of the healthcare sector, either directly or through public-private partnerships,” Zagnoni concludes.

Grupo Midia conducts the annual “Leaders of Health” Awards using a professional jury of directors of health industry associations and important country institutions, along with the editorial board of its Healthcare Management magazine. Swisslog was among 69 important companies in the Brazilian health sector to be honored.

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