Swisslog Healthcare Awarded Group Purchasing Contract with Premier Inc. to Offer Innovative Inpatient Pharmacy Automation

Swisslog Healthcare to provide best-in-class pharmacy automation solutions at preferred pricing to Premier members as part of new agreement.


Swisslog Healthcare now offers exclusive pricing to Premier Inc. members, at their discretion, for inpatient pharmacy automation solutions.

“In addition to traditional automated dispensing cabinet vendors, Premier members are now able to make best-of-breed decisions for their central pharmacy,” remarks Anthony Pugliese, Senior Vice President, Sales at Swisslog Healthcare. “We’re excited to join their pharmacy automation portfolio.”

Swisslog Healthcare automation meets the needs of any medication distribution model, from a single facility’s centralized or point-of-care services to an offsite consolidated service center. The solutions now available through Premier include:

  • Pharmacy Manager Software

  • BoxPicker™ Automated Pharmacy Storage System

  • PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

  • ATP®-Series Automated Tablet Packaging Systems


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