Swisslog Healthcare Selects Vingmed Oy as Distributor in Finland

Swisslog Healthcare, a leading provider of advanced solutions for healthcare medication and supply chain management, announced today that it has selected Vingmed Oy as its distributor in Finland.


Press Release
Vingmed Oy is part of the Vingmed/ViCare Group, one of the largest companies in the Nordic countries for the distribution and service of high quality medical technical products.  

“The partnership with Swisslog fits very well in our strategy to be a highly respected and valuable supplier in Medication Management and IKT-solutions to the healthcare. We will secure customer satisfaction with local resources in Vingmed Oy together with knowhow in the Vingmed/ViCare-group, supported by the competence and expertise of Swisslog”, says Mr. Bengt Malmfält, CEO Vingmed Holding.

Supported by Swisslog Healthcare’s experience, and working through Vingmed Oy, the Vingmed/ViCare Group intends to be the premiere Nordic distributor of medical-technical products. Vingmed Oy brings a broad local sales team, a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a sales focus on Finnish hospitals and retail pharmacies. 

“Vingmed Oy has the capability and experience to enhance our strong standing in the Nordic region and position us for long-term, sustainable growth in Finland," said Patrick Koch, Head of Swisslog Healthcare Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

“Through this partnership,” Koch continued, “We seek to bring our best-in-class solutions for improved medication management and supply chain efficiency to Finland’s forward-thinking healthcare systems, benefiting their clinicians and the patients they serve.”


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