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TranspoNet PowerLine high-capacity pneumatic tube system line.

TranspoNet™ PowerLine

Take your TranspoNet System farther. PowerLine is a separate, high-capacity line that extends the reach and capacity of your TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System. Long distances, multiple floors, between buildings, even underground – PowerLine optimizes the flow of goods through complex hospital systems.

Transport over long distances

Go farther, faster with TranspoNet PowerLine. PowerLine can efficiently bridge distances of 200 to 800 meters. It’s also ideal for complex systems with numerous transfer lines and crossings. Tracking and tracing carriers on as usual, thanks to RFID technology.

Simultaneous send

PowerLine can dispatch up to five carriers at once, or you can queue them up to send at a timed frequency. And when paired with a second, parallel line, you can send empty carriers back to stations where they’re needed without interfering with outgoing traffic.

PowerLine technology is controlled by the TranspoNet software.

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