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Swisslog Healthcare Consolidated Service Center Solutions

Consolidated service centers to enhance your healthcare logistics

Optimize your healthcare logistics and distribution through consolidation and centralization of your services lines. Consolidated service centers (CSCs) enable health systems to automate and centrally manage inventory and associated management processes for all supply chain and ancillary support services.

Why centralizing your supply chain and pharmacy operations offsite?

As hospitals and health systems struggle to manage growing patient access demands, changing reimbursement models, staff shortage and rising drug costs, a strategy that continues to attract interest is the consolidation and centralization of services lines.
Traditionally viewed as a significant cost center for health systems, pharmacies experience substantial pressure to contribute to cost cutting mandates while not sacrificing service levels or compromising medication availability. Forward-thinking organizations are addressing these challenges by centralizing supply chain and pharmacy operations offsite at consolidated service centers (CSCs).

Consolidated service centers enable health systems to automate and centrally manage inventory and healthcare logistics for all supply chain and ancillary support services. This cost-disruptive model facilitates reduction of supply chain complexity to streamline operations and drive standardization.

Consolidated Service Center - preparation of boxes for further use

We care about enhancing systemness across the medication supply chain

Virtually eliminate variation and redundancy in multi-facility medication management processes.

Our consolidated service center solutions combine proven pharmacy automation and warehouse management solutions to deliver greater efficiency and streamline distribution across your entire supply chain.

Simplify disparate processes, minimize costly waste and refocus your team on high-impact work. Our configurable solutions and consultation services enable you to design the distribution model that’s right for your health system.

Your healthcare logistics solutions

Let our team of experts help you design the framework for your ideal consolidated service center. Discover our products!

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