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TranspoNet PowerLine high-capacity pneumatic tube system line.

TranspoNet PowerLine

Take your TranspoNet System farther. PowerLine is a separate, high-capacity line that extends the reach and capacity of your TranspoNet pneumatic tube system. Long distances, multiple floors, between buildings, even underground – PowerLine optimizes the flow of goods through complex hospital systems.

Transport over long distances

Go farther, faster with TranspoNet PowerLine. PowerLine efficiently spans distances of 200 to 800 meters. It’s particularly suited for complex systems with numerous transfer lines and crossings. Carreir tracking and tracing remain seamless thanks to RFID technology.

Timed transport of multiple carriers

To minimize waiting times in extended system sections, several carriers can be efficiently transported within a single PowerLine. These carriers are inserted at intervals and transported to a specific distance along the PowerLine, where they are then separated. Additionally, by employing a second, parallel PowerLine, empty carriers can be swiftly returned to stations as required, ensuring outgoing material transport remains uninterrupted.

The PowerLine technology is seamlessly controlled through the TranspoNet software.