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BoxPicker Automated Pharmacy Storage and Retrieval System

BoxPicker provides pharmacies with secure, high-density storage of medications – controlling access, improving pharmacy workflow efficiency and expediting the picking process. The system fully automates pharmacy storage and retrieval of medication; which not only eliminates picking errors and increases safety at dispense, but also creates a more efficient pharmacy workflow.

Optimal for
Inpatient Pharmacy Consolidated Service Centers

Modular and efficient pharmacy storage system

Thanks to robotic dispensing, medication dispensing is automated which makes clinical workflows more efficient. BoxPicker is the ultimate pharmacy storage solution. Designed to eliminate the need for static shelving, BoxPicker allows you to focus on clinical tasks and spend less time locating, picking and verifying medications.

Benefits of the pharmacy storage system

Configurable solution offers multiple workstations

Unlike other storage systems, BoxPicker expands as your storage needs change. You have the option of adding additional modules and/or operator stations – either on the same side or on opposite sides of the BoxPicker, so operators can work simultaneously.

By installing a workstation on the opposite side of the BoxPicker, pharmacies increase efficiency by enabling staff to retrieve compounding supplies and medications without having to leave the cleanroom environment.

Modular design allows easy expansion options

Each pharmacy’s needs are different. BoxPicker allows you to customize its configuration to meet your requirements.

Eliminate the need for separate pharmacy refrigerators by storing temperature-sensitive items in a refrigerated half module or fully-refrigerated BoxPicker model.

Secure medication access eliminates picking errors

Limited access as well as scan-in and scan-out technology decreases opportunity for error. Adittionally, a password-protected operator access ensures inventory control and audit capabilities.

However, the inventory is fully accessible in the event of a power failure.

Enhanced picking productivity

With BoxPicker, multiple operator stations allow for simultaneous operations, improving efficiency and eliminating workflow bottlenecks that may occur with other automated storage.

The system is also three picks ahead of the user, driving enhanced pick productivity.

BoxPicker in use: