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Workshop at the Swiss Automation Hub provides insights into the future of clinical intralogistics

Beginning of January, we hosted a workshop on transport automation for our customers at our Automation Hub in Winterthur (CH). The workshop was a convenient way to gain insights into the developments of the next years and also provided a valuable exchange of ideas and experiences.

18 janvier 2023

For some of our customers, the new year began with a look into the future of clinical intralogistics. During the workshop, the participants from Germany and Switzerland not only got to know the individual components of our pneumatic tube system TranspoNet in detail, but also learned more about the transport software Delivery Manager and our manual for pneumatic tube planning, Designer Package. The hospital delivery robot Relay and a brief insight into the automated medicine cabinet MedSMART were also part of the workshop program. The modern Automation Hub in Winterthur provided the perfect setting for this.

Thanks to our experts, the participants were able to experience first-hand how transport automation improves clinical processes. The group also took the opportunity to exchange previous experiences and discuss ideas and wishes for future developments.

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