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Swisslog Healthcare introduces the first OpenLog station in Romandy (CH) at Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte

TranspoNet is the pneumatic tube system that helps healthcare professionals execute their mission by taking care of two of the most important material flows in the hospital: diagnosis and therapy. After using TranspoNet for more than 20 years, EHC decided to upgrade the system to improve the laboratory workflow.

7 dicembre 2023

OpenLog fully automates the unloading of lab samples from received carriers, significantly improving efficiency in modern laboratories by 50 %. The stations receive and unload the contents, and automatically return the carriers back into the system. Empty carriers are then distributed to locations in the tube system where they are most needed. The OpenLog station receives up to 140 deliveries per hour. Not only does OpenLog reduce turnaround time, increase laboratory efficiency, and enable hospitals to get test results faster, it also ensures a high hygienic standard due to contactless unloading.

Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte has been using the pneumatic tube system TranspoNet for over 20 years. An analysis of the conditions of the system and possible optimizations was conducted by experts from Swisslog Healthcare as part of a modernization project. The decision to retrofit certain components and implement an OpenLog station also included the extension of one line. The project was finalized in November 2023.

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