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TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System (PTS)* including: Nexus™ and Xpress™ Technologies

US Patent No: 5,864,485; 7,243,002; 7,326,005; 7,328,084; 7,363,106; 7,950,879; 7,953,515; 8,565,91; 
8,447,427; 8,596,932; 8,641,329; 8,644,985; 8,721,231; 8,793,014

Pneumatic Tube System Carriers

Universal 4" and 6" Carriers
US Patent No: 5,980,164
EcoSeal Carriers
US Patent No: 5,655,677
NexSeal Carriers
US Patent No: 5,980,164

*NOTE: PTS installations are customized, having various location- and/or user-specific physical configurations and user-selected software options. These systems may be covered by one or more of the US Patents listed.

MedRover® Mobile Dispensing Cabinet

US Patent No: 7,747,347; 7,952,315; 8,113,849

PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

US Patent No: 7,467,503 Ring