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Hospital pharmacy automation

Improve how you dispense medications, control spending and deliver better care . Our hospital pharmacy automation systems automate time-consuming, error-prone tasks, such as medication packaging, picking, and inventory management, to achieve a more efficient flow of medication and information throughout your entire organization. 

Influence the therapy outcome with the latest hospital pharmacy automation technologies

Swisslog Healthcare customers have long been at the forefront of technology, disrupting the status quo through investments in pharmacy robotics. Together, we’re delivering innovation from the core of the hospital pharmacy — transforming the medication supply chain to create higher patient impact with fewer human touches.

Our central pharmacy automation solutions

We care about enabling you to create higher patient impact with fewer human touches

Our broad portfolio of pharmacy automation solutions enable you to efficiently manage inventory, streamline workflows and enhance patient safety. By using solutions like automated inventory management, packaging as well as storage and retrieval, your facility will benefit from:

Central pharmacy automation tailored to your pharmacy’s needs 

From optimizing inventory to enhancing efficiency and patient safety, our central pharmacy automation solutions can significantly improve medication management processes at your hospital.