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Blood sample illustration

Automated blood transport

From blood bank to the OR, or STAT to the bedside, our innovative solutions automate blood delivery to and from blood banks. Our flexible material-transport technology increases efficiency, reduces risks and loss, and improves patient outcomes. Automated blood transport and chain-of-custody solutions provide added safety and trackability, so you get more visibility. The result is an enhanced workflow everyone can rely on. Achieve fast, secure and verified delivery of life-saving blood products with our fully-integrated software solutions.

Ensure blood products arrive safely, securely and swiftly with automated blood transport

Automated transport solutions ensure the integrity of blood and specimens – and ensure they get there quickly and safely. From the blood bank to the ER, our reliable systems are equipped to meet the special requirements of blood transport.

Get total visibility into chain-of-custody through automatic tracking and tracing, delivery verification, and secure-send features.

Pneumatic tube systems add consistency and predictability, while drastically reducing transport time. So you can focus on other crucial matters, like patient care. Our flexible solutions scale and adapt to your growing needs – so they’re right today, and in the future.

Safe and secure transport of blood products from blood bank to patient

Improve efficiency and accuracy to deliver life-saving care with automated blood transport

Automated blood transport reduces wait times, which is critical to ensuring the integrity of blood products and achieving positive patient outcomes.

Our innovative transport systems allow batching and enable you to trace materials to gain the visibility needed to stay on track.

Our blood transport solutions also minimize errors and increase efficiency throughout your healthcare facility to give you the time to focus on vital care.