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Pneumatic tube stations at a glance

TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube Stations

Tailor your TranspoNet System with different types of stations. Pneumatic tube stations are where you interact with your pneumatic tube system (PTS) – sending and receiving lab specimens, blood products, medication, documents, supplies, and other materials.

For the labs – OpenLog Station

Reducing turnaround time is a key performance indicator for laboratory efficiency in specimen analysis. The OpenLog station for our pneumatic tube system TranspoNet enables hospitals to obtain test results faster and reduce hospitalization time for patients through fully automated sample unloading. As a result, hospitals can improve the quality of care for their patients with a short return on investment. To complement the pneumatic tube station, we also supply the purpose-designed SmartOpen pneumatic tube carrier.

For the ward – FrontLoad Station

The FrontLoad station is a flexible send-receive station of the TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System. Mainly designed for hospital wards with its slender, space-saving design without compromising on functionalities. Two design versions offer different security settings and aesthetics fitting for your ward designs and nurses' workflow.