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About Julia Bröcker

Julia Bröcker, Marketing & Communication Associate at Swisslog Healthcare

As Marketing & Communication Associate, Julia has been responsible for EMEA and APAC since 2022. Her talent for languages is the basis of content creation for our target audience, be it on analog or digital channels. She senses linguistic subtleties by intuition and enriches our internal and external communications.

Julia’s expertise at a glance:

  • Julia is a speed-reader, she reeds texts at double speed
  • Be careful with typos or missing commas: She has a keen eye for such mistakes and will immediately detect any linguistic flaw
  • Julia could create the most catching thriller out of a dull meeting protocol
  • When introduced to new tools, she takes the new challenge as a chance to get into it and unlock the full potential



We asked Julia:

What do you find most fascinating about your work?

Healthcare is an essential part of society and the patient’s well-being should always be the top priority. Caregivers have to be relieved in order to provide excellent patient care. Our automated solutions can contribute. It is nice to know that our technologies improve the workflow in hospitals and the quality of care in general.

What are the most important steps in your career path?

I studied linguistics with a focus on English and Spanish. After that, I got the chance to apply my theoretical knowledge and skills in practice, first as an intern and then as a working student. Swisslog Healthcare offered me insights into different areas and I noticed how my expertise enriched the marketing department. I’ve been part of the team ever since.

Will you tell us something personal about yourself?

I have a great passion for sports. During summer, I like to go on runs or ride my bike. You’ll also find me at the gym – mostly in gym classes. The more unique a class is, the likelier it is that it’ll catch my interest. Also, you can always count on me when it comes to spontaneous activities. And I really enjoy cooking.