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Robotic dispensing for better care

Automated drug dispensing is nowadays performed by robotic dispensers in pharmacies and hospitals. The decentralisation and automation of a medication dispensing system efficiently improves streamline workflows.

What is automated drug dispensing?

Automating the medication management processes is a key element to simplify the daily clinical routine:

  • Pharmacists will be relieved from the labor-intensive distributive functions
  • Patient care will be enhanced by both pharmacists and nurses
  • Traceability and storage of medications will be improved
  • Availability of medications will be increased


Automated drug dispensing in particular can be used on the one hand for the storage, and on the other hand for the dispensing of medications. The storage of new medications can be fully automated, as well as semi-automated, depending on the number of different forms of medication. The automated system independently takes over the optimal and space-saving sorting and inventory management of the medicines in pharmacies. Pharmacy automation solutions independently detect critical stock levels and trigger a message.

Which robotic dispenser is the right one?

There are several methods of dispensing medications to patients. Each method can rely on a specific technological medication management solution, to ensure the patient receives the right medication, at the right place, at the right time. First, we need to analyse what the criteria are that define the medicine dispensing methods:

  • Workflow: You need to consider the way goods and data are handled within the pharmacy, but also the way goods and data circulate across departments within the hospital
  • Location: The place where medications are handled and therapies are prepared is a focal distinguishing point to determine how the medicines will be dispensed
  • Flexibility: Everything changes, so does your hospital organisation. The ability to keep pace and adapt to evolving environment ensures that the resources you invest in today are well spent for the future


How to choose the right robotic dispensing machine?

When you approach medication dispensing, there are a few aspects to be taken into consideration to create your own automated medication management environment:

Efficient operation with robotic dispensing systems

Robotic dispensing scope of automation
  • Pack dispensing

    You can opt for a pack dispensing automated system that can support you with inventory optimization and control. Our fully automated pharmacy robot offers high-density storage and rapid retrieval. It is easily integrated into your pharmacy to maximise space and storage via smart loading and unloading features. Medications are stored safely, and vital information is available in real-time, reducing waste. Our efficiency-boosting system also saves time, enabling you to focus on your patients.

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  • All forms dispensing

    Unit dose is one of the best and safest ways to ensure that the right medication is at the right place, at the right time. We can combine unit dose packaging with flexible and modular storage and dispensing systems, in the pharmacy and on the ward. Medications traceability is ensured throughout the entire workflow, from pharmacy to administration to patient. The automated medication storage and retrieval not only eliminates picking errors and increases safety at dispense but also creates a more efficient pharmacy workflow.

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  • Patient-specific therapy prepared in the central pharmacy

    The right medication treatment and dosage is essential for the patients' recovery. By using the most advanced automated solution, you can optimize the flow of medication from healthcare staff to patients. Medications are portioned and overwrapped in unit dose and dispensed in a round format – to increase patient safety, improve workflows, reduce waste, and give you more time to focus on care.

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