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TheraPick Automated Unit Dose Packaging and Dispensing System

TheraPick is a smart unit dose packaging, storage and dispensing system that easily integrates into your healthcare facility. As the most advanced automated solution, our technology optimizes the flow of medication from healthcare staff to patients. Blistered medications are rapidly and accurately portioned and packaged into blister unit dose (BUD) format, and other types of medications such as vials or syringes are packed into unit-dose (UD) bags. TheraPick improves workflows, reduces waste and gives you more time to focus on patient care.

Optimal for
Consolidated Service Centers Inpatient Pharmacy

The right medication dispensing with a Unit Dose

The right medication treatment and dosage is essential for the patients' recovery. Relieve your caregivers of the work of dispensing medication and increase the time dedicated for patient care.

At the same time, patient safety is increased through the use of labelled and traceable unit doses, which enable a "one gesture" delivery to the patient and the complete and unambiguous identification of the medicine up to the moment of administration.

TheraPick is the ideal automation for your central pharmacy, and can also be installed in consolidated service centers for the supply of unit doses.

Creation of a Unit Dose:

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