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About Dennis Agnello

Dennis Agnello, Product Manager for Pharmacy Automation

Dennis, our Product Manager for Pharmacy Automation, manages the products of this segment. He is responsible for defining product development requirements, establishing the product roadmaps, executing the release process and supporting the market introduction of new products in alignment with sales and marketing colleagues. He is also taking care of the product life cycle after a product is launched.

Dennis’s expertise in a nutshell:

  • Dennis is quite addicted to cutting-edge technology that facilitates our lives: He always strives to understand the product details, its concept and features as well as the technology behind it.
  • He loves product development and the project-management methodology used in the process – especially when positive results are achieved and the product is in line with the designed concept.
  • Dennis enjoys speaking to customers and partners to investigate product improvements, new ideas or innovations to put on the market.


Dennis started as Product Manager Pharmacy Automation in September 2021 after he spent more than a decade in the automotive industry in a variety of roles, primarily in product development and program management.

We asked Dennis:

What particularly fascinates you about your job and the healthcare industry?

As Product Manager I have the opportunity to combine different disciplines and expertise to deliver value. I’m so excited to be part of the digitalization journey of hospitals in the upcoming years and experience the positive impact of digitalization on patient care.

What are the key steps in your professional journey?

I started my career in software development with the aim of touching all aspects of product development, product release and project execution. This dream became true when I had the opportunity to manage complex products and programs for large organizations. In my current role as Product Manager for Pharmacy Automation, I’m keen to serve the healthcare market and lead change for better care.

Do you reveal something personal about yourself?

I love riding uphill with my bike. The mountains that surround my city in the region of Piedmont (Italy) are the perfect area for this. That’s why my friends call me the “climber”: They always make jokes since they know that I’m assisted by the built-in electric-motor to keep same pace – but I just love technology that facilitates my life.