Farmacia Molara

Palermo, Italy

Farmacia Molara is a pharmacy with limited space that needed to better control expiry dates. Swisslog Healthcare EvoTec robot has been located behind the counter with direct exits, optimising space and allowing automated stock management.

Now we can keep expiry dates under control at best

Dr. Giuseppe Patti

What are your pharmacy’s characteristics?

We're three pharmacist partners and our pharmacy has limited space.
We all agreed to equip ourselves with a robot, as we needed to optimize the space occupied by the medications stock.
The pharmacy is located on the ground floor and we have installed an automatic Swisslog Healthcare EvoTec system behind the counter, with direct exits.

What are the benefits Swisslog Healthcare automation brought to your pharmacy?

We can affirm that in our daily work the presence of the robot has made our life much easier, allowing us to work more calmly and in contact with our customers.
Another major advantage is the ability to better control the expiry dates of the medications in real-time.

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