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How Medication Management changes the work of healthcare institutions

From acute care to inpatient treatment and beyond. At every step of the medication supply chain we follow the patient and use this as a basis for assessing how the work of healthcare professionals can be facilitated. We are convinced that Medication Management must have a positive influence on both sides – the way healthcare professionals work and the patients' outcomes.

We take the perspective of healthcare facilities and follow the path of medication: from drug delivery and preparation on the ward, to delivery within a facility and patient-specific dosing in the central pharmacy, to storage. Not an isolated solution, but an ecosystem that reduces repetitive, manual steps across departments.

To achieve this, we combine our competences in the key areas of medication supply: Transport, data processing and pharmacy automation. It is only through this combination that a holistic approach for the drug supply within your health facility is created. This is our definition of Medication Management.

Medication Management steps in by taking care of repetitive, manual tasks and by doing so it reduces medication errors, expands transparency, enhances patient safety and frees time for care givers to be with the patient.

The Medication Management ecosystem

We are the only company that seamlessly connects forward-thinking transport and pharmacy automation, supported by software and analytics. The approach of offering a holistic Medication Management platform ensures that the right medication is in the right place at the right time.

Medication management for acute and post-acute care
  • Transport automation

    Transport automation is the core of our Medication Management approach. We believe that it is the traceable and seamless transport of medicines - from the central pharmacy to the patient - that increases patient safety in hospitals and ensures the right treatment.

    Our flexible automated solutions use pneumatic tube systems and autonomous service robots to save time and costs, reduce risks and lost products, and most importantly improve patient outcomes. Easily manage information and track medication every step of its journey with our fully-integrated software solutions.


  • Pharmacy automation for hospitals

    Automation solutions for pharmacies, both central pharmacies and outpatient pharmacies, enable efficient inventory and streamline workflows. By using solutions such as automated inventory management, packaging, storage and retrieval, your hospital benefits from:

    • Optimized inventory and improved drug spending
    • Increased efficiency and safer dispensing
    • Maximized productivity and safer medication administration


    We streamline and facilitate the exchange of data and medication between the different departments and also physically connect the pharmacies with each other. For you, this results in maximum medication availability without wasting drugs. 

    For larger facilities with complex departmental and facility structures, we also design central storage and distribution centres that are linked to the pharmacy infrastructure and thus not only centralise the warehouse storage but also determine and optimise medication inventories across all institutions. 

    Hospital solutions