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Illustration Medication Management

Medication Management for more patient safety

Professional and timely handling of medicines is a prerequisite for guaranteeing the health and safety of patients. Therefore, you should take a responsible approach to organising your pharmaceutical supply and rely on a structured management of medicines to avoid medication errors and supply bottlenecks. An automated medication management system supports you in this process: to avoid errors and increase patient safety.

What does medication management mean? 

A medication management system is an automated solution for hospitals and pharmacies regarding the various steps of medicine supply. The entire process from ordering, storage, and administration to documentation of medication is recorded and tracked. This way, we support your employees who are entrusted with the supply of medicines. Our medication management system takes into account the needs of patients and clinical staff, reduces manual and time-consuming steps due to automation and ensures an uninterrupted supply system for central pharmacies, warehouses, hospital wards and other healthcare facilities.

The result of combining pharmacy and transport automation with software:

Why is medication management so important? 

Holistic medication management improves the way nurses and carers work while ensuring patient safety. Moreover, the system helps you keep track of all costs and can even reduce them thanks to automated processes. Due to our medication management solution, nurses save a lot of time by eliminating manual steps. These free resources can be used for further patient care. A further advantage is the transparency of medicine management: fewer medication errors occur - thus improving patient safety and the quality of care.

At a glance, you benefit from the following advantages: 

  • Better treatment results
  • More efficient working methods for healthcare professionals
  • Time saving for the nursing staff
  • Qualitatively and quantitatively better supply process
  • Fewer medication errors
  • Increased patient safety
  • Better quality of care
  • Reducing costs
  • Automation of manual work steps

By combining transport, data processing and patient-specific dosage, you can create a holistic approach to ensure optimal medicine delivery for your patients. This ensures that the right medication is available at the right time and in the right place - without additional time expenditure.

In which areas is medication management useful? 

A holistic approach to medicine supply makes sense not only for pharmacies in hospitals, but also for public pharmacies or in long-term care. Our medicine supply platform offers you the optimal solution to ensure patient safety and improved medicine supply with transport and pharmacy automation and the appropriate flexible medication inventory software.
Medication Management as an ecosystem
  • Automation solutions for hospital pharmacies 

    Automation solutions for hospital pharmacies

    Hospital pharmacies also benefit from streamlined workflows and the efficient inventory that medication management offers. Robotic dispensing allows you to maintain an overview of the inventory management of your medicines packaging, storage and retrieval. This results in the following advantages:

    • Safe therapy administration
    • Exact dosage
    • Optimised stock levels
    • Increased efficiency
    • Maximum productivity
    • Improved dispensing of medication

    Medication management automation is a also valid support for consolidated service centres. Hospitals can network with each other, to centralise the purchasing and warehousing of medicines and medical supplies. Medications are stored centrally in an automated warehouse, and then delivered to the hospital based on schedules and consumption. This results in optimised medication availability, data analytics, but most of all, it is possible to significantly reduce waste and the cost of stock.

  • Medication Management in public pharmacies 

    Medication Management in public pharmacies

    Medication management in public pharmacies creates safety and efficiency in storage and dispensing because the self-learning, intelligent medication management systems ensure

    • High warehouse efficiency
    • Reliable order picking
    • Regular inventory control
    • Effective work flow

      This allows you to make better use of the space in your pharmacy, while at the same time creating greater patient safety, as you always have an overview of the medication expiry dates thanks to the management options.
  • Pharmacy solution for long-term care 

    Pharmacy solution for long-term care
    Long-term care facilities have to care for a large number of patients who need individual medication. There are often long waiting times when new patients arrive, a prescription is changed or even with a new prescription. This time can easily be reduced with the help of our medication management technology and you can use the valuable time you gain for other nursing activities.
  • Transport automation 

    Transport automation
    An important part of medication management is automated medication transport, which makes it possible to track medication dispensing from the central pharmacy to the patient. The fully integrated medication management software solution allows you to track the route of the medicines and thus, increase patient safety in the hospital and ensure proper treatment. In addition, you increase traceability and response time because you always know which destination each drug has arrived at. Transportation is carried out via a pneumatic tube system or with the help of hospital delivery robots, for example, which can save considerable time and costs.

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