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Data Security

Prioritizing the Security of Every Customer

We are committed to the highest level of security for our customers. Ensuring a thorough process includes our collaborative approach with the industry.

We value transparency in offering advisories and disclosures which help the industry get stronger collectively.

Confidentially report an issue at

Please keep your communication thread about the vulnerability confidential. 
Kindly do not include vulnerability details until we move our communication with you to a secure information sharing environment. 

Within 48 hours, a member of our Product Security Team will respond directly to the contact information that you provide in your email. There you will receive login information for our secure information sharing environment. Please follow up with us if you’ve not heard from our team within 48 hours to ensure your message has been received.

To get us started with our investigation, please include any of the following information that is readily available:

  • Affected product or service
  • Type of vulnerability
  • Impact of the issue 
  • Environment in which issue occurred

It is our policy to credit the discovering party of any reported issues. If you do not wish to be named in an advisory disclosure, please include that in your initial email. 


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