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Illustration of a nurse working on an ADC

Components of a MedSMART

The automated dispensing cabinet MedSMART is configurable according to your workflow requirements. Each module offers a specific feature that supports and facilitates your work steps. The software can be comprehensively adapted, and the user surface has an intuitive design, so your requirements are perfectly met.

Different sizes. Increased flexibility.

MedSMART consists of one main tower and can be combined with one or several auxiliary towers.

The different cabinet and drawer modules make automated medication dispensing safe and efficient. Liquid and bulky medication can be stored in secured access open-shelf cabinets (MedDoor), while drawers with flexible organizing systems allow quick medication picking (SMARTMatrix). The automated dispensing cabinet can be equipped with drawers meeting safety standards for high-alert drugs (Sliding Drawer).

MedSMART Standard, Compact and Mini
  • Auxiliary tower

    Dimensions of the auxiliary tower

    Auxiliary towers can be added to expand storage and dispensing requirements as needed in the future. The more commonly configured tower is either with four MedDoors or with three MedDoors plus one drawer module. The estimated weight of an auxiliary tower is around 180 kg.

    Its dimensions are:

    • Width: 66.4 cm

    • Depth: 74.5 cm

    • Height: 200.6 cm (height with wheels is 203.5 cm)

  • Compact version

    MedSMART Compact can be configured for both main and auxiliary tower.

    • Width: 66.4 cm
    • Depth: 74.5 cm
    • Height: 153.9 cm (Height including wheels: 155.9 cm)
    • Average weight: 186 kg
  • Double Deep drawer

    Measurements of Double Deep Drawer

    The high drawers are suitable for the storage of bigger medication boxes, bottled medication or big quantities.

    Inner dimensions:

    • Width: 52.0 cm

    • Depth: 58.5 cm

    • Height: 13.0 cm (external dimension is 15.0 cm) 


  • Drawer module

    Combination of different drawer types

    This is a module for drawers and each module can accommodate three Double Deep drawers. Note that one Double Deep drawer can be substituted by two Single Deep drawers in configuration, and there are four ways you can configure a drawer module.

  • Main module

    Proximity Card Reader

    The main module is the access point to the MedSMART ADC. It comes with a 17” touchscreen user interface where caregivers log in to gain access to the stored drugs. The user interface of the MedSMART is intuitive and its easy-to-follow instructions and selections empower fast onboarding and training of new nurses.

    It also houses the keyboard, nurse tray (to aid in drug preparation), label and prescription slip printers, barcode scanner, biometric scanner, and an internal return bin.

  • Main tower

    Dimensions of the Main Tower

    The MedSMART main tower is equipped with a control module, allowing users to perform transactions. The MedDoor shelf module is installed above. The remaining part of the main tower is configured with drawer or shelf modules. It comes in two different sizes.

    Its dimensions are:

    • Width: 66.4 cm

    • Depth: 74.5 cm

    • Height: 200.6 cm (height with wheels is 203.5 cm)

    • Average weight: 280 kg

  • MedDoor module


    Based on experience, each MedDoor can store up to 50 L of liquid medication and solutions. The module can be equipped with one to three shelves. Add-ons such as containers and dividers help organize stored articles.

    Inner dimensions:

    • Width: 52.0 cm

    • Depth: 58.5 cm

    • Height: 46.2 cm 

  • Mini version

    The smallest version of MedSMART is exclusively available for the auxiliary tower. MedSMART Mini can easily be placed under worktables.

    • Width: 66.4 cm
    • Depth: 74.5 cm
    • Height: 107.1 cm (Height including wheels: 109.1 cm)
    • Average weight: 140 kg
  • Single Deep drawer

    Dimensions of the Single Deep Drawer

    The Single Deep drawer is half the height of a Double Deep drawer and provides high-density storage for small quantities of a wide variety of drugs in one drawer. Its internal dimensions are: 

    • Width: 52.0 cm

    • Depth: 58.5 cm

    • Height: 5.5 cm (external dimension is 7.5cm) 

Intuitive software. Easy to use.

The MedSMART software package consists of two main components that are easy to understand and don’t require lengthy training.

User interface: The user-friendly interface of the automated dispensing cabinet ensures that staff, doctors, pharmacists and technicians can effortlessly perform transactions on the cabinet and that those transactions are documented accordingly. Clear instructions about prescriptions and administration times as well as comprehensive information about medication improve patient safety.

Web application: The central web application SMARTCenter can be called up via a browser in the network. Administrators can access system control to define and manage roles and rights for users as well as to configure cabinets and medications, create reports and more. Alerts are issued in case of temperature or humidity deviations, empty stocks and pending expiry dates. They significantly contribute to improved efficiency and inventory management.