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Swisslog Healthcare Lab Specimen Transport Solutions

Automated specimen transport for laboratories

Automated specimen transport solutions reduce waiting times and increase efficiency by ensuring samples keep moving swiftly and safely. Deliver specimens to the lab faster and more reliably than manual transport methods – and gain more chain-of-custody control by using our fully-integrated technology. Pneumatic tube systems reduce the risk of lost samples and specimens and improve patient outcomes. Easily manage information and track specimens every step of their journey with our flexible software solutions

Optimized laboratory processes due to automated specimen transport

Quality management plays an essential role in the laboratory. This covers the entire process – starting with the initial order of a blood sample analysis and ending with the availability of the results.

Studies have shown that 75 % of all errors in a laboratory already occur in the pre-analytical part. Only 25 % occur during the actual analysis or in post-analytics.

The specimen transport process takes place in the pre-analytical part. Automated and integrated transport solutions can help to prevent errors that occur in this process. These solutions keep things moving efficiently to ensure the security and integrity of samples and specimens – from the lab to the ward.

Blood draw
Traceable, fast transport of laboratory samples from the station to the laboratory

Efficient processes through our automated specimen transport systems

Automated transport solutions like pneumatic tube systems can improve turn-around times and efficiencies in the lab – and add layers of safety and security to your operations.

The location of the specimens can be monitored at any time, thus eliminating time-consuming reconciliations and reducing the untraceable loss of laboratory specimens. For patients, this results in the faster availability of laboratory results and thus a shorter waiting time for starting therapy.

In addition, the processes are streamlined by special laboratory stations which, among other things, enable automatic unloading of laboratory samples from the pneumatic tube and connection to analysis lines.

Pharmacist prepares medicines
Improved work-flow in the laboratory 

Pneumatic tube systems for specimen transport

Our pneumatic tube systems reduce errors as well as interruptions, giving you more time to focus on sample testing. In-depth planning and reliable system support reduce costly downtime and ensure that your equipment operates at peak performance.