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MedSMART Automated Dispensing Cabinet

Reliable medication management, safe dispensing and effortless documentation. The automated dispensing cabinet MedSMART facilitates medication management in clinical areas close to patients. The cabinet and the respective software are easy to use and ensure safe picking. Use our online configuration tool for a first assessment or book an appointment for a personal consultation with an expert nearby.

Optimal for
Nurse Ward Emergency Room Intensive Care Wards Operating Rooms

Give it a try! 

Manage drug processes at your hospital's points of care with your fingertips. 

Point-of-care drug management processes made easy

Digital drug handling

With just a few clicks, nurses can access the ADC, select a patient, and efficiently dispense the required medications.

Streamlined workflows for caregivers and pharmacists

Discover how an automated dispensing cabinet improves the workflow on the ward.

What is the best way to handle medications during stockout?

If a medication is not available, the ADC streamlines the process of finding a substitute by directing caregivers to a predefined equivalent medication.

How to save time during medication dispensing?

MedSMART ADC eliminates the need for caregivers to waste valuable time manually searching for the right medication by providing a fast and accurate way to locate and retrieve medication.

Can an ADC also be used as an exigency pharmacy during night shifts?

Yes. This prevents caregivers from having to call one (or five) colleagues from other wards during their night shift to ask if they have a medication in stock that ran out on their own ward.