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EvoTec Pharmacy Automation Robot

EvoTec is a fully-automated pharmacy robot that offers high-density storage and rapid retrieval. It easily integrates into your pharmacy to maximize space and storage via smart loading and unloading robotics features. EvoTec loads medications accurately, stores them safely and makes vital information available in real-time, reducing waste. Our efficiency-boosting system also saves time, enabling you to focus on your patients.

Optimal for
Community Pharmacy Consolidated Service Centers Inpatient Pharmacy Outpatient Pharmacy

The right automation solution for your pharmacy

EvoTec is the perfect automation solution for inpatient and community pharmacies that want to maximize their space and improve workflow. Real-time inventory updates, coupled with smart storage and retrieval, help you work more efficiently – and give you valuable time to council patients.

EvoTec also saves 20-25% more space compared to traditional systems.

EvoTec is the ideal solution for community pharmacies, but also in the hospital environment it perfectly fit with outpatient pharmacycentral pharmacy and consolidated service centers.

Our pharmacy robotics and medication management solution

We care about enhancing how you store and dispense so you can deliver better care. By using pharmacy robots like EvoTec, your pharmacy will benefit from:

  • Enhanced storage and improved workflow

Intelligent algorithms enable smart loading and unloading that maximizes space in your pharmacy. Being able to drop in boxes at the same time saves valuable time. And our reliable robot reduces manual warehousing tasks by sorting, cataloging and loading items onto shelves based on purchasing data. In addition to increasing efficiency and accuracy, automation also gives you more time to focus on patients.

  • Optimized space and increased savings

Smart storage and retrieval, combined with real-time inventory updates, helps your pharmacy run more efficiently and reduces costs. Being able to manage your stock more effectively also contributes to significant savings. And when it comes to space, EvoTec saves 20-25% more compared to more traditional systems. Less time managing inventory means you can spend more time counseling patients.

  • Personalized flexible systems to meet your needs

Whatever your space requirements or design, our flexible pharmacy automation robotics can meet your specific needs. Customize the color and position of slides to suit your set-up. Adding automation to your workflow also ensures medication gets where it needs to via reliable chutes. Moving medication vertically is also possible thanks to our system’s lift action.

  • Maximized efficiency and accurate automatic loading

EvoTec’s automatic loading feature enables you to simply drop medications into our E-Load device, saving you time. The item is then automatically scanned and verified for accuracy, before it’s recorded in the system. Automated cross-checking of box dimensions and bar codes prevents errors, and real-time inventory updates avoids waste. Our reliable technology then sorts, controls and sends medication to the storage area – in record time.

  • Enhanced workflow and reliable technology

Self-learning technology and advanced software automatically calculates product demand to manage stock, guarantee balanced storage and optimize pharmacy workflow. Double-picking crane technology enables you to achieve optimum efficiency by using the multi-picking function that includes an adaptable robotic arm that moves autonomously or in unison. Our system is reinforced by a back-up battery and external hard drive – so it’s always dependable.

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