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Pharmacy Robot EvoTec

EvoTec is a fully-automated pharmacy robot that offers high-density storage as well as rapid retrieval and medication dispensing. It easily integrates into your pharmacy to maximize space and storage with smart loading and unloading robotics features. EvoTec loads medications accurately, stores them safely and makes vital information available in real-time, reducing waste. Our efficiency-boosting system also saves time, enabling you to focus on your patients.

Optimal for
Community Pharmacy Consolidated Service Centers Inpatient Pharmacy Outpatient Pharmacy

Find the right pharmacy automation robot

EvoTec is a perfect automation solution for community pharmacies that want to maximize their space and improve workflow. Real-time inventory updates, combined with smart storage and retrieval, allow you to work more efficiently – and give you more time to counsel patients.

EvoTec also saves 20–25% more space compared to traditional systems.

The storage and dispensing system is also an ideal solution for the hospital environment as it is compatible with inpatient and outpatient pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and consolidated service centers.

Our pharmacy robotics and medication management solution

We care about enhancing how you store and dispense medication so you can deliver better care. By using robotic pharmacy automation like EvoTec, your pharmacy will benefit from:

EvoTec in use:

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