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Purple work culture

Do you remember your first day at a company, when you asked yourself early in the morning whether to wear a white shirt and tie? Or when you wasted weeks on finding out how to hit the right level of formality in your emails to colleagues you didn't know? We do.

Purple shirt?

Let's start with the obvious. We are a multinational company, and we obviously do not expect all our employees and locations to have the same code of practice. It's authenticity that matters. More precisely, we won't force you to wear a shirt in our purple brand color.

It can sometimes seem difficult to talk to strangers on the other side of the world. Do you call them by their first or last name? Should their title be included when writing an email? We keep it simple here, right from the start: first name, no matter the location.

We are more than dress codes and job titles. Our culture is based on mutual trust, measureability and fairness.

You can rely on three mechanisms that we use to manage and ensure this:

Illustration Purple Work Culture
  • Our SMART Work program

    We're convinced that flexibility and productivity go hand in hand. More precisely, this means achieving company goals while fostering wellbeing at the workplace, at home and beyond. To be even more precise, we have six options for our employees to adjust their working lives according to their needs: flexible, reduced or remote working hours, telework, a compressed workweek or job sharing.

    Do you want to know which option fits best for your future job? Our HR team will inform you.

  • Method for salary evaluation

    We all enjoy our work and we are motivated. We are proud that our solutions bring real added value by improving the quality of patient care. But pride and motivation alone don’t pay your bills. Of course, we pay a fair salary. But what is fair?

    For us, this means that you are not paid based on your previous CV, but rather on the expectations defined in the profile of your role. Too cryptic? Before we advertise a position, we create detailed internal job descriptions that clearly define responsibilities and accountabilities within the company.

    External experts analyze these job descriptions and classify them into salary levels. This also happens before we advertise the job externally and is binding for hiring. This means that all applicants, regardless of previous work experience, gender, age, nationality, or other factors, can expect to be paid within the same range. Development opportunities are included, of course. That’s what we mean by fair.

  • Our Performance Management

    We collaborate and interdisciplinarily define and form our company's short-, medium-, and long-term goals, strategies, and measures. Content and progress are measured with clear KPIs and we inform all colleagues about the current status. This strategic framework forms the basis for your personal target setting. We want to make sure that we not only work on great initiatives but sustainably advance you and our company every step of the way.

    How does this work? We use a tool that might not be aesthetically pleasing but does the job. You and your line manager use it to set personal goals during the first quarter of the year. In the mid-year review, you have the opportunity to evaluate and possibly adjust them. Your target achievement at the end of the year not only covers a mapping of your self-assessment including an evaluation from your manager. It also indicates to our HR team which further training and development opportunities, as well as which salary adjustments make sense.

Our understanding of training and development

Training is the process of enhancing the skills, knowledge and competencies of employees so that they can perform their current jobs. The basic objective of it is to add value to our employees, so that they are able to contribute to the success of our organization in the best possible way. Therefore, for us training is

  • short-term focused and therefore mostly a singular or modular event;
  • designed to meet the needs of our employee and the position they occupy; and
  • structured around the development of a specific skill set.

A development program is often used as preparation for a future job. It provides a learning opportunity for the employee with the aim of increasing their work capacity and getting ready for future challenges.

For us, development

  • refers to the long-term career planning of individuals and teams;
  • focuses on the development of a position; and
  • requires continuous planning.

We enable our employees to grow with us

We attach great importance to providing our employees with a wide range of training and development. Depending on their personal ideas and goals, we tailor their development opportunities. Individual development is possible for each of us, both online and offline.

  • Illustration product training

    Product training

    In our internal Automation Academy, our employees are trained in the installation, maintenance and implementation of our products. The academy concept enables us to deliver high-quality and up-to-date product courses in the various regions.

    The goal: to bring the right competencies with the right courses to the right regions.

  • Illustration E-Learning


    With an e-learning platform and internal online learning management systems, our employees have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of training courses.

    The e-learning platform alone offers more than 17,000 video courses on all kinds of business-related topics such as business skills, compliance, diversity, technology and many more.

  • Illustration personal development

    Personal development

    Not all of our challenges can be solved by taking a training course. Therefore, we developed a workbook for employees to learn more about themselves.

    We also use an online platform to bring business coaches and employees together. Thanks to various focus topics, more than 30 different languages and over 3,000 coaches, there is the right program for everyone.

  • Illustration leadership

    Leadership development

    Our managers receive development options tailored to their individual needs, helping them to motivate their teams and respond flexibly to challenges.

    Through our leadership initiative, Purple Leading, we enable managers and leaders to regularly experience sustainable input on relevant leadership topics in short, interactive and compact training sessions led by a leadership expert.

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