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 Illustration: Application process

Application sent – what happens next?

You’ve just submitted your application, or you are just a few clicks away from the submit button and wonder what’s next? Our HR team will take good care of your personal information and handle your application in the coming days. This section provides you with an overview so that you are aware of what will happen with you and your application.

The journey of your application

Your application will now go through several steps. We are giving you some clarity about the process. If you feel something is off with your personal process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Application received.

We receive several applications for each open position, and as you can imagine, screening them all takes time. However, our HR team makes every effort to review your documents within at least about three weeks. If our HR Manager selects your application, it will be forwarded to the hiring manager for the next check.

Don’t be discouraged if you are rejected at this point in the process. Although it didn’t work out this time, we’ll be happy to hear from you again in the future – really. Maybe another position or team is a better fit.

Illustration: Application received

2. Invitation sent.

After the hiring mangers gave their green light, you’ll be invited to a first personal conversation.

Our HR team will send you an email with all relevant information about your appointment. Sometimes, you also receive a short call before getting this email. But don’t worry, this is not your actual interview. We usually just have a few questions about your application or simply want to schedule the appointment.

 Illustration: Invitation sent

3. It’s time to get to know each other.

Finally, we really get to know each other. On our end, we are very curious to see the person behind the application. You’ll usually meet, digitally or in person, with one of our HR managers and with the hiring manager of your prospective future department.

The 45–90 minute interview is your chance to share your ‘why’ – and your ‘what’:

  • Why did you apply?
  • Why do you think you match with us and the position?
  • What added value do you bring to the team and to the organization?
  • What specific skillset do you contribute to the team?


But the interview isn’t one-sided: You can also use the time to ask us questions. In the end, you should have the feeling that you really got to know us as a company and as your new colleagues.

And we’re interested in more than just your ‘business self’. We want to get to know your personality aside from work. Maybe you have hidden skills that are completely irrelevant for the job but fit perfectly in the diverse mix of different skills and character traits of our team.

 Illustration: Get to know each other

4. Round two.

Depending on the function and position, there may be a second or even a third round. Your manager will bring someone else from the team because we all want to get to know you!

For management and leadership positions, we sometimes offer you to participate in a personality assessment survey after your first interview. It is used to identify your strengths, risks and values in order to equip you with character-specific tips for your personal development within your new position.

Illustration: Application round two

5. The final decision.

After successfully finishing the interviews, we need some time to align internally. Since we are working in a global matrix structure, this takes some time. After about ten working days, your HR manager will contact you by phone or email.

If both you and we feel this is a perfect match, we’re starting to create your employment contract. It takes about one week until you hear from us again. And then it’s time to celebrate: Your Purple Journey is about to begin.

Illustration: The final decision

Is there still something unclear about the process, or did you not hear back from us for quite a long time? Contact us.

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