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TranspoNet pneumatic tube system

Automated Material Transport and Hospital Logistics

By automating your hospital logistics and the transport of materials throughout your hospital or health system with pneumatic tube systems, you significantly reduce the time and costs associated with manual deliveries, while providing a more efficient and faster delivery of care to your patients.

Challenges in hospital logistics

Hospital staff face the daily challenge of transporting the right medical products to the right place at the right time. If this task is done manually, there are usually long, and therefore time-consuming, distances for the nursing staff to cover. Especially with critical medical goods such as frozen sections or blood samples, time as well as transport safety and quality assurance play an important role in the logistics process.

Another challenge is that manually transported goods are not fully traceable.

Making hospital logistics more efficient

Improve internal processes in your hospital or health system to achieve greater cost efficiency and better patient care with automated material transport. Automated hospital logistics offers additional safety when moving highly sensitive goods, for example in specimen transport, blood sample transport and medication transport. Our flexible material-handling healthcare logistics systems connect your entire healthcare organization and ensure swift and safe transport of materials. The result is improved efficiency and workflows that enable you to deliver the best care for your patients.

Savings through automated logistics solutions

Logistics solutions in terms of transport automation are initially associated with high investment costs for hospitals. If you compare the personnel costs incurred for manual transports with those of a pneumatic tube system, the return on investment – depending on the scope and size of the system and hospital – starts to pay off within just a few years.

Particularly during vacation periods or when medical staff are absent due to illness, automation solutions not only relieve the burden on nursing staff but are also an investment that pays off in the long term.

Transport solutions tailored to your clinical needs

We design each material-handling system with your facility’s specific needs and environment in mind. So, whether you’re moving sensitive, bulky or large or small materials, our automated transport solutions can help.

Automation portfolio for your transport management

From increasing efficiency and cost-savings to enhancing patient safety, our automated transport solutions can significantly improve processes at your facility. They’re also tailored to your specific requirements, so they’ll work for you today and in the future.

Pneumatic tube systems in hospital logistics

Pneumatic tube systems support the logistics process in hospitals and thus support the relief of care. The principle and functionality of a pneumatic tube system were established many years ago but are still used today for transporting materials in hospitals. With the help of compressed air and suction, a large number of transports can be realized per day.