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Immerse yourself in our Automation Hubs

Our Automation Hubs are open to welcome customers and prospects who want to see, test, and experience our ecosystem. If you are interested in seeing and testing our automation solutions in real life, we look forward to meeting you there.

Discover the concept behind the Automation Hubs

The Automation Hubs aim to provide you an extensive experience. The concept is based on five pillars: learn, experience, collaborate, test, and innovate. Come see what we mean.

  • Harness the power of collaboration

    Our focus is always on our customers’ needs, as our products are meant to support patient care in the best way possible. To achieve this, it’s crucial for us to hear your honest opinion so we can continuously develop ourselves and our products. Do you have a specific feature or functionality in mind? Tell us more about it! We may already have something suitable in our portfolio or your need may not be unique, and we’ll evaluate if we can implement this requirement soon.

    Our Automation Hubs provide a space for exchange and collaboration, offering modern and inspiring environments for trainings, workshops, demo sessions, and meetings with stakeholders.

  • Experience the capabilities of automation

    At our hubs, you can experience our products and solutions firsthand. It’s not just about the look and feel – you’ll also directly experience the advantages of automation.

    You’ll learn more about the unit dose approach, how to store medications in an automated dispensing cabinet, and dispense medications from our automated pharmacy storage systems, all while watching carriers whizz through our pneumatic tube system.

    Visit our hubs to experience what our automation solutions can do for you. Check out the available products and solutions at each location further down the page.

  • Create space for innovations

    Our hubs also provide room for our engineers and technicians to innovate and lead change for better care.

    Our teams work to advance the development of our solutions, researching new features, developing new ideas, and making our solutions more user-friendly. They push the boundaries of what's possible with automation, whether it's hardware or software.

  • Learn and gather knowledge

    Those who invest in our automation solution are usually different from those who will actually operate with it. Users will likely face a change in their daily routines, which can be a challenge. To ease the transition, we offer live trainings for users and technicians at our Automation Hubs, as well as remote and online trainings. These trainings will give you the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use and maintain our automation systems.

  • We put our products to the test

    Our Automation Hubs are not just a place to connect with our customers. They are also where our engineers test, develop, and optimize our automation solutions – and sometimes fail. But this is the only way we can make progress.

    Our customer care teams also use the hubs to provide our own technicians with the best possible training for maintaining our machines and equipment.

Curious for more? Discover our Automation Hubs.

Maranello, Italy

The Automation Hub in Maranello was significantly modernized in 2022, resulting in a streamlined facility where our machinery is located on the ground level.

Our pharmacy automation systems for hospitals and our employees’ working desks are also installed in the same open space, creating a synergistic environment that enhances the effectiveness of our operations.

You can explore the following products in Maranello:

  • BoxPicker and other robotic dispensing systems
  • A unit dose system
  • MedSMART Automated Dispensing Cabinet
  • Track and trace software Delivery Manager


In addition, the set up also allows for the simulation and recreation of different workflows, such as ward stock replenishment with or without unit dose production or patient-specific therapy dispensing. This enables us to host workshops and demonstrations for our customers and provide training sessions for users.

The Automation Hub in Maranello offers state-of-the-art technology, streamlined workflows, and training opportunities to enhance our customers' experience and improve patient care.

Automation Hub Maranello
Automation Hub Maranello
© Project: ZPZ Partners, Picture: Nicolò Panzeri

Winterthur, Switzerland

The Automation Hub in Winterthur welcomes prospects and customers. It comprises a completely rebuilt office area that includes a demo environment where we have installed various machines and software to demonstrate customer-oriented workflows.

Our Automation Hub focuses on supporting the All-Forms Medication Management workflow to showcase the direct benefits of how we can enhance existing clinical workflows.

We offer workshops, demo sessions, and trainings for the following products:

  • A robotic dispensing system
  • MedSMART Automated Dispensing Cabinet
  • Hospital delivery robot Relay
  • Pneumatic tube system TranspoNet
  • New software interface TranspoNet 6.0
  • Track and trace software Delivery Manager


Thanks to our advanced technology set-up, we can show our customers different workflows, such as ward stock replenishment, automated deliveries with Relay, or the connection between TranspoNet and Delivery Manager.

Overall, the Automation Hub in Winterthur provides a comprehensive and immersive environment for customers to experience and learn about our cutting-edge products and workflows, ultimately improving patient care in hospit als.

Automation Hub Winterthur