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About Jazmyn Lee

Jazmyn Lee, Senior Product Marketing Manager EMEA/APAC at Swisslog Healthcare
Jazmyn Lee, Senior Product Marketing Manager EMEA/APAC

As Senior Product Marketing Manager for EMEA and APAC, Jazmyn is responsible for bringing our pharmacy automation products to market. She has the front row seat to our product features, its development processes, and serves as the connection between our sales and product management colleagues.

Jazmyn’s expertise in a nutshell:

  • Jazmyn loves to plan and visualize from scratch how a product should be positioned, messaged and communicated to both internal and external audiences.
  • She is quite addicted to executing marketing plans, especially when positive consensus results are attained after each launch.
  • Jazmyn enjoys speaking with customers, distributors and sales colleagues to validate product-market gap including how we can improve and how we can lead the change.


Jazmyn started as Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific at Swisslog Healthcare in April 2012 and had previous market experience in China and Australia. From the end of 2021, she took on the Product Marketer role to cover both EMEA and APAC.

We asked Jazmyn:

What particularly fascinates you about your job and the healthcare industry?

I believe that what we are doing today, leading change in the healthcare landscape, is going to benefit everyone I know, including myself someday. I like to think I am pragmatic and not morbid.

What are the key steps in your professional journey?

I am lucky. I knew at the start of my career that I want to do anything that is related to marketing. I enjoy the planning and execution process equally and, honestly, executing a project still gives me an adrenaline rush.

Do you reveal something personal about yourself?

Unfortunately, I am not a patient person – but this is a known fact. A less known fact: My 5-year old is my personal patience trainer. Her favorite phrase: “Be patient Mummy”.