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24/7 medication access: Improving patient care at Ambroise Paré Clinic

Within a week of the MedSMART automated dispensing cabinet’s arrival at the 350-bed facility in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France, the staff had already begun using it.

01 February 2023

The automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) manages and optimizes the medication inventory and is a reliable solution to support night and weekend dispensing when needed. The ADC provides the caregivers with a safe and secure place to store frequently used medications, supporting all-day care to ensure positive patient outcomes.

Pharmacy technician, Mrs. Diane Bosse, shared, “I managed to reduce the time spent on preparing the medication and administration by almost half of the time I usually needed, especially after weekends and holidays, which are particularly demanding for us." With the on-screen drawer layout guide and a brightly lit location of where a desired drug is stored within the drawer, she remarked that this "greatly improves safety" during her picking process.

The ADC is now a valuable asset at Ambroise Paré that benefits the pharmacy staff, the caregivers, and most importantly, the patients.

After this successful start, this forward-thinking healthcare establishment is also looking into automating their pharmacy workflow to improve efficiency and dispensing accuracy and further ensure patient safety.