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Autonomous hospital delivery robot minimizes mundane transport tasks at Spital Bülach

Since the end of December, the autonomous transport robot Relay has been supporting the nursing staff at the hospital Spital Bülach by reducing the staff’s transport tasks.

17 April 2023

The 170-bed hospital Spital Bülach provides medical care for the Zurich Unterland region and the neighboring regions. Each year, it treats around 10,000 inpatients and approximately 78,000 outpatients.

The hospital delivery robot Relay was developed specifically for collaborative work with hospital staff. The robot uses advanced sensor technology to autonomously transport medicines, blood and laboratory samples through the hospital.

After a successful pilot phase last year, the hospital has taken the first step towards automation with Relay. Up to 40 laboratory and blood samples are transported safely between the emergency room and the laboratory every day. The switch to automated transport allows nursing staff to focus more on patient care instead of mundane transport tasks.

Spital Bülach is planning to open a new building in 2027, which is currently being designed. As part of this project, further processes are planned to be optimized with the help of automation solutions. In the current design phase, further options for both transport and pharmacy automation are under consideration.

Relay at Bülach