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Advanced transport automation: partnership with Ecosir Group OY

Our partnership with the Finnish company Ecosir enhances transport automation in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

25 April 2024

Ecosir Group OY, founded in 1987 in Espoo, Finland, specializes in automated vacuum transfer services tailored for hospital and care center environments. Their solutions revolutionize waste and linen management by transporting dirty linen and waste away from wards, ensuring the highest hygiene levels in clinical settings.

Currently, we are mainly focused on providing transport automation solutions, primarily focused on the swift and reliable transport of specimens, blood, documents, and small clinical items. This partnership introduces a more comprehensive approach to automation that goes beyond our current portfolio consisting of pneumatic tube systems, automated guided vehicles and electric track vehicle systems. We now encompass holistic solutions by including waste and linen management.

"Through this new partnership with Ecosir, we'll elevate our transport automation portfolio, empowering hospitals and long-term care facilities to enhance their operations. Ecosir's products are not only user-friendly but also prioritize safety and hygiene, enabling our customers to elevate the standard of care they provide." — Christophe Vergne, Head of Sales and Service, EMEA

Our portfolio now integrates Ecosir's CAREMASTER and CARE 220 solutions. CAREMASTER caters to big hospitals, offering a vacuum waste and laundry transport system. Meanwhile, CARE 220 is tailored for long-term care facilities, featuring a twin vacuum system for waste and bio-food waste. Both solutions boast Drop&Go technology, eliminating the need for staff to handle heavy, unhygienic waste bins and trolleys.

Our strategic partnership represents a significant step forward in advancing transport automation solutions, further empowering healthcare facilities to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and uphold impeccable standards of hygiene and patient care.

Christophe Vergne, Head of EMEA Sales and Services at Swisslog Healthcare and Mauri Leponen, CEO of Ecosir

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