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TwinTec Pharmacy Stock Automation and Dispensing System

TwinTec is a flexible automation solution that adapts to your pharmacy’s changing needs. Specializing in high-density storage with swift retrieval, this space-saving system can upload up to 1,500 boxes per hour. TwinTec’s smart technology boosts safety by storing medication securely and swiftly. So you have more time to deliver better care.

Optimal for
Community Pharmacy

The right automation solution for your community pharmacy

TwinTec is the perfect automation solution for smaller to medium-sized community pharmacies with space limitations. Its high-density, fully automated flexible storage and retrieval system saves space and increases efficiency.

Our storage and retrieval automation solution for pharmacies

We care about enhancing how you store and dispense medication to improve patient care. By using automation solutions like TwinTec, your pharmacy will benefit from:

Enhanced efficiency and better management of medication

A moving conveyor belt carefully retrieves medication according to where its stored and protects fragile packaging. After the medication is scanned, it’s loaded, and the smart system automatically manage stock. It also alerts you when it needs to be refilled. Our system maximizes productivity and helps you control costs.

Increased time to deliver better patient care

Smart high-density storage combined with swift retrieval means – on average – our customers gain an extra 1.5 minutes to consult each patient. In addition to high-speed dispensing, TwinTec also optimizes storage space and provides real-time inventory updates so your pharmacy runs more efficiently.

Personalized flexible systems that meet your specific needs

Whatever your space requirements or design preferences, our adaptable system can meet your needs. Conveying technology keep things moving and can even dispense medication to counters in other rooms – or vertically using lift action. Adding automation to your workflow also ensures medication gets where it needs to via reliable chutes. Customize the color and position of slides to suit your set-up.

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