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MedSMART: new sizes available

The automated dispensing cabinet MedSMART allows safe medication storage, dispensing and management in clinical areas close to the patient. We have added new sizes to our product portfolio; the automated dispensing cabinet can now more easily be adapted to hospitals’ requirements and space capacities. This offers greater flexibility in configuring a solution.

28 May 2024

MedSMART consists of intuitive software, a main tower and optional auxiliary towers for additional storage capacities. From now on, main towers can also be configured as a 155.9 cm high Compact version, in addition to the Standard size (203.5 cm high). The auxiliary tower, besides the Standard version, is available in two new variations, Compact and Mini. They are particularly space-saving, the auxiliary tower mini with a height of 109.1 cm even fits under worktables. It can also be configured with drawers only and no MedDoor.

The extension of Standard sizes opens new possibilities for hospitals concerning automated medication dispensing in areas close to the patient. Each size is designed to meet specific needs and allows an individual composition of the MedSMART network. Apart from different dimensions, control modules, drawers and shelves can also be configured in accordance with the particular needs of an institution.

MedSMART all sizes