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Pharmacy management

In order to run public pharmacies successfully and to stand out from the competition, it is particularly important to establish proximity to the patient and to create strong customer loyalty through individualised service. However, there is often not enough time to take care of patient counselling in detail, as many processes in pharmacies are still manual and time-consuming. Processes can also be optimised in the central pharmacies of hospitals in order to save time, increase patient safety and improve workflows. With targeted pharmacy management, you can make both types of pharmacies more efficient and establish automated process standards.

What is pharmacy management?

Pharmacy management includes the management and coordination of all workflows in pharmacies, from the packaging and storage of medicines to the dispensing of medicines to patients. Targeted pharmacy management is intended to facilitate the day-to-day work in public pharmacies and central pharmacies and to simplify and accelerate the daily processes, and make them more efficient.

Pharmacy management can be improved with the help of certain software solutions and systems. These include, for example

  • Order picking systems
  • Packing systems
  • Pharmacy robots
  • Storage systems
  • Inventory control software
  • Supply chain tracking software


How can you optimize your processes in central pharmacies using pharmacy management?

Optimization of purchases

Thanks to the overview of your stocks, you can optimize your purchases with an automated pharmacy management, and thus control your costs at the same time. You avoid unnecessary storage of medicines because only the medicines that are really necessary are reordered. Waste is also avoided, as the medicines are used up in good time according to their expiry date.

Inventory management and control

It is crucial that you have an overview of the medication stock in the hospital at all times in order to be able to react to shortages in time. A pharmacy management system ensures that you can manage and automatically replenish your stock. To do this, orders are forwarded to the appropriate locations in a controlled manner via interfaces.

Storage and dispensing of different medication formats

Thanks to our automated storage systems for central pharmacies, you can store medicines in different forms: This way, liquid and solid medicines, injection solutions and also highly compacted large quantities are stored safely.

Medication can also be dispensed in different formats. Whether patient-specific individual doses, blister packs, ampoules or vials - our systems pack medicines according to your needs, and thus facilitate the replenishment of your medicine cabinets, trolleys and the distribution of medicines in the hospital. This makes the administration of medicines to your patients even more effective, faster and safer.

Connection to transport solutions

Our scalable pharmacy systems can easily be combined with automated transport systems to ensure a complete medicine supply chain. This means you know where each medicine is at all times, eliminating interruptions in your workflow. At the same time, this improves inventory control and increases medication safety.

Why is pharmacy management important?

Pharmacy management is important because it can significantly relieve the workload of specialised staff in public pharmacies. Automated solutions can facilitate recurring tasks such as medication packaging, dispensing, storage and returns, leaving more time for other tasks. The process support reduces the administrative workload and you can concentrate fully on advising your patients.

Automated pharmacy management is also helpful in central pharmacies such as the supply of medicines in hospitals, as here the work processes are optimised, patient safety is increased and decisive time is saved in the administration of medicines. Our systems can also address individual requirements in the dispensing of medicines.

Since all data are displayed in the system of a corresponding pharmacy software, the management of stocks can be optimised in both types of pharmacies, the dispensing of medicines can be controlled and the delivery processes can be traced.

These are the advantages of efficient pharmacy management at a glance:

  • Time savings with automation
  • Improved controlling with clear key figures
  • Optimisation and management of stocks
  • Control of drug expenditure and goods movements
  • Accelerated flow of medicines
  • Increased patient safety
  • Reduced error rate in drug dispensing
  • Increased ability to deliver Improved workflow
  • More time for patient care
  • Cost savings through inventory control
  • Avoidance of waste

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