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Swisslog Healthcare Transport Automation Solutions

Automated material transport

By automating the transport of materials throughout your hospital or health system with pneumatic tube systems and autonomous service robots, significantly reduce the time and costs associated with manual deliveries, while providing more efficient and faster delivery of care to your patients.

Connect your entire healthcare organization

Improve internal processes in your hospital or health system to achieve greater cost efficiency and better patient care with automated material transport. Automated transport also adds a layer of safety to moving highly-sensitive materials like lab samples, blood products and medication.
Our flexible material-handling systems connect your entire healthcare organization and ensure swift and safe transport of materials. The result is improved efficiency and workflows that enable you to deliver the best care for your patients.

Transport solutions tailored to your clinical needs

We care about moving your materials securely to increase efficiency and patient safety

We design each material-handling system with your facility’s specific needs and environment in mind. So whether you’re moving sensitive, bulky or large or small materials, our automated transport solutions can help.

Automated transport management solutions tailored to your specific needs

From increasing efficiency and cost-savings to enhancing patient safety, our automated transport solutions can significantly improve processes at your facility. They’re also tailored to your specific requirements, so they’ll work for you today and in the future.