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Pharmacist storage medicines in a pharmacy

Storage of medicines in pharmacies

When it comes to medicines and drugs in pharmacies, you must always keep an eye on correct storage so as not to impair their effectiveness. External influences such as light, humidity or temperature can lead to the release of decomposition substances that affect the efficacy of medicines. Therefore, ensure proper storage of medicines in your pharmacy.

What must be observed when storing medicines in pharmacies? 

To guarantee safe use of medicines for your patients, quality and efficacy must not be compromised. You can only guarantee this with correct medicine storage according to the respective manufacturer's specifications and the storage regulations for medicines. Therefore, remember to store medicines in a dry place, protected from light and at the temperatures indicated on the packaging. 

Automation solutions to support medication storage

Robotic dispensing systems are ideal for storing your medicines in public pharmacies because the automation solutions enable safe storage in accordance with the specified storage regulations and can be individually adapted to the respective medicine requirements thanks to their modular and scalable design. 

Automated storage solutions such as TwinTec ensure proper storage of medicines under dry, light-protected conditions.  

Not only is the storage of medicines in pharmacies ensured by an appropriate system, the dispensing of medicines is also controlled.

Compact, fully automated and flexible pharmacy robots such as EvoTec can be used in small and medium-sized pharmacies even where space is limited, thus increasing productivity and creating more time for advising your clientele. 

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