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Software Trainee Program Graduates

Swisslog Healthcare – The employer of choice

We believe better patient care is achievable through integrated, accessible technology that enhances the way people work. Our team of talented experts help us drive change to create innovative, intelligent solutions that provide outstanding service and improve patient well-being.

Ready to help improve patient experiences?

If you haven’t been personally affected by a hospital experience, chances are you know someone who has.

Imagine being part of a team whose work ensures the minimization of safety risks related to patient medication administration. Or serving on a team whose work saves nurses countless hours of low-value routine transport between patient draw areas and central laboratories.

Solving human-centered problems with technology requires a curious, determined, and talented workforce. Are you a good fit for the amazing group of people who work for Swisslog Healthcare?

You care about advanced ideas. We care about helping you advance.

An innovative solution isn’t only about tackling a problem. It’s also about advancing and adapting to provide the right option at the right time. It’s why we create dependable yet flexible services and systems that can evolve to meet changing needs. It means our solutions work today – and in the future.

We are a knowledge-based company. And as our most important asset, our people innovate, collaborate and create pioneering solutions. It’s why we continually provide opportunities for every team member to grow, develop and shape the future of healthcare.


Identify with our core values? Watch yourself excel.


We are committed to our customers, our partners, shareholders and to our exceptional people. We are accountable and take responsibility for what we do and how we do it.


We pursue excellence in everything we do, and continuously improve and innovate our services and solutions, driven by customer needs.


We have a focused strategy toward common goals. We are open and clear in our expectations, responsibilities and communication.


We act with integrity, loyalty, trust, and mutual respect. We work as a team beyond organizational and geographic boundaries to achieve superior results.