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Solutions for restructuring pharmacies

Especially in stationary retail, there is an opportunity to expand personnel resources for other services such as cosmetic treatments and blood pressure measurement in order to further increase customer brand loyalty.

To make this possible, it is necessary to free up space that would otherwise be used for product placements or the inventory. At the same time, it is also crucial to maintain the efficiency of the facility despite new services and to harmonize processes across stores.



For the fact that it concerns my health, larger pharmacies are often too anonymous for me. This makes them exchangeable for me and partly obsolete due to e-commerce.

Roman F., Student, Paris

Your individual pharmacy setup

In order to increasingly deploy staff for services that pay off on brand loyalty and support consultative sales of high-priced products, it is important to relieve the less consulting-intensive processes.
The use of automation solutions and intelligent software increases performance and capacity. At the same time it is autonomously ensured that stocks are constantly optimized within a facility and beyond, that you have a full overview of the activities in different stores at all times, regardless of location, and that additional sales space is freed up by using transport solutions with the help of de-localization of fast and low moving items.

Below, you can discover one possible setup.

  • Open up for efficient operations.

    Larger and group pharmacies benefit from a holistic solution that combines several solutions into one, resulting in a uniform and scalable workflow that processes both slow and fast moving items with maximum efficiency.
    Orders triggered by the Pharmacy Management Software are seamlessly transferred to the Plantmanager application software, which controls robots and transports as a uniform database.
    The Plantmanager determines the most efficient processing route for each work step across all applications and ensures that the robots are coordinated with each other.
    While TwinTec, as a modular solution with maximum speed and assisted loading, automates products with a high turnover rate, the pharmacy robot EvoTec with automatic loading optimizes the stock of drugs with a shorter circulation time by constantly rearranging the products. To further increase efficiency, EvoTec can be equipped with a second robot arm, which can also be integrated at a later date.

    Both robots independently pass products to the transport system, which with 5m/s delivers products quickly and reliably even over long distances and serves several points in the salesroom from a single storage area.

  • Open up for streamlined workflows.

    Our partner Pharmony is the first company in the European pharmacy market that offers a cloud-based pharmacy management software that is already established in the Belgian market and as a next step will be available for French pharmacies. 

    Within your own pharmacy environment, the software not only connects all applications such as Pharmacy Robot, Click & Collect and the counter itself, but also allows you to connect to the different areas regardless of where you are in the store and which end device you are using. 
    In this way you can, for example, advise and accompany customers in the front store and at the same time place an order for them via tablet to the counter.  

    And the use of software even goes beyond your own walls, in line with the Open Pharmacy approach. Not only remote access to all data including performance reports is possible, but also a virtual connection with other pharmacies, which enables you to automatically cumulate drug purchases and thus obtain better volume conditions from wholesalers without addtional efforts.

  • Open up for fast servings.

    Some of your customers will probably already know which product they want to buy and do not need detailed advice. Especially in busy times it can be helpful to offer them an even faster service and thus have more time for other customers.
    The Click & Collect counter is designed to be placed anywhere on the walls of your pharmacy and customers themselves can select the desired product on a touch screen and pay by card. Once the order has been placed, it is directly dispensed to your counter for handover.

    The screen also operates a space-saving digital medium for promoting products and offers.

  • Open up beyond business hours.

    The 24/7 dispenser is a vending machine for standard products of the pharmacy, where customers can also shop outside business hours and on Sundays and holidays. The dispenser can be installed either integrated from the outside facade or free-standing and integrates fully into the existing inventory and sales software.

  • Open up for flexibility.

    As a single provider, we are able to offer pharmacy and transport solutions from a single source and thus enable a seamless integration.
    After the product is transferred from the robot to the transport system, the same software controls its delivery exactly to the receiving terminal in the pharmacy that ordered it.

    You benefit not only from the time saved by avoiding walking distances, but also from the fact that the transport tubes can be installed at any and multiple locations in your pharmacy, allowing you to implement a more flexible spatial setup.

  • Open up for intimacy.

    Many people feel uncomfortable about addressing health problems and sensitive issues openly to strangers. This is further intensified when there is a feeling of being listened to. At the same time, these consulting situations give pharmacies the opportunity to build up a relationship of trust with customers and to retain them over the long term. In addition, direct advice is also an opportunity to place products and offers in a personal conversation and thus increase sales.

    In many European countries, there is a trend for pharmacists to offer other health services such as simple medical and cosmetic treatments, thus expanding their business field by further lucrative lines of activity.
    However, private space is required for these services. These can be achieved by delocalising storage space.


Reduce waiting times of your customers

Intelligent storage combined with software ensures that all products are always available in the quantities required and quickly accessible. By accelerating the dispensing of products, regardless of their turnaround times, you achieve simultaneous processing of high volumes, even in peak times.

Individualization through modular components

All components of the Open Pharmacy approach are designed in a way that they can be individually combined according to pharmacy needs and local conditions. There are even configuration options within the individual components, and in some cases these can even be retrofitted at a later date. In this way we ensure that the degree of automation of your pharmacy always harmonises with your current plans, but also grows with future requirements.

High speed transport from the back office directly to the counters

The AirTec transport system ensures that medicines are delivered at a speed of 5m/s. Many errands in the pharmacy become obsolete. In addition, the system delivers orders to different stations and thus serves a higher number of customers almost simultaneously. Both the robotics and the transport are produced and implemented by a single company with the goal of the highest integrity.

Ability for customers to decide on the way they want to be served

Many customers are happy to enjoy a more intensive consultation or new health services. However, some customers may visit your pharmacy just to buy a standard product and do not need any advice. The additional space allows you to meet the different needs and also to integrate additional solutions, such as a Click & Collect counter or the 24/7 dispenser, which facilitates pick-ups outside business hours.

Learn more about pharmacy solutions by Swisslog Healthcare and Pharmony

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