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Solutions for independent pharmacies

Customer behaviour is changing. Due to the diversity of information on the internet, patients already have a basic knowledge of health issues, so that smaller pharmacies run the risk of merely serving as drug dispensers. At the same time, there is a growing need for in-depth consultations that go beyond the knowledge gained or even evaluate the flood of information on a patient-by-patient basis.

Often, however, there is no time for this due to the multiple administrative tasks. This is where the Open Pharmacy concept comes in, using technologies in a way that not only increases efficiency in your pharmacy, but above all takes into account individual patient needs and allows pharmacists to meet them. 

I often come across thousands of opinions before I know what’s wrong with my son. And I am happy that the pharmacist in the neighborhood provides me guidance.

Julia K., Marketing Manager and mother, Lille

Your individual pharmacy setup

Pharmacy robots can help to significantly reduce manual steps in storage and dispensing and also optimize inventory. Customers who do not require individual advice can be served with additional modules, the Click & Collect counter or even outside business hours at the 24/7 dispenser.
The automation solutions are connected via the cloud-based pharmacy management software. This not only gives you a complete overview of all activities in your pharmacy, but in the future you can also bundle your purchasing activities in a virtual community with other pharmacies.

Our solutions are a toolbox from which you can select the ideal combination for yourself, always with the certainty of full integrity of all individual products and service from a single source.

Below, you can discover one possible setup.

  • Open up for efficient operations.

    Your aim is to develop new healthcare services and therefore more space and more time is needed?

    EvoTec pharmacy robot is a smart stock management system that can be placed behind the counter but also delocalized. Its multi-picking function uses the same operation for identical boxes or different products.

    Advanced robotics ensure error-free storage and retrieval of both fast moving and slow moving items, to save time for the pharmacy staff, and to simplify their daily work processes. EvoTec automatically identifies and stores each item. Packs are feeded on buffer conveyors, picked by the crane and deposited on high density shelves. Picking rates of more than 500 items per hour can be reached with multi-pick and prescription-pick dispensing.


    You are looking for a solution that matches with your actual setup and service offer but improves the efficiency of your pharmacy?

    TwinTec specializes in high-density storage with swift retrieval of fast-moving items. The space-saving system can upload up to 1,500 boxes per hour. TwinTec’s smart technology boosts safety by storing medication securely and swiftly.


    Learn more.

  • Open up for streamlined workflows.

    Our partner Pharmony is the first company in the European pharmacy market that offers a cloud-based pharmacy management software that is already established in the Belgian market and as a next step will be available for French pharmacies. 

    Within your own pharmacy environment, the software not only connects all applications such as Pharmacy Robot, Click & Collect and the counter itself, but also allows you to connect to the different areas regardless of where you are in the store and which end device you are using. 
    In this way you can, for example, advise and accompany customers in the front store and at the same time place an order for them via tablet to the counter.  

    And the use of software even goes beyond your own walls, in line with the Open Pharmacy approach. Not only remote access to all data including performance reports is possible, but also a virtual connection with other pharmacies, which enables you to automatically cumulate drug purchases and thus obtain better volume conditions from wholesalers without additional efforts.

    Learn more.

  • Open up for fast servings.

    Some of your customers will probably already know which product they want to buy and do not need detailed advice. Especially in busy times it can be helpful to offer them an even faster service and thus have more time for other customers.
    The Click & Collect counter is designed to be placed anywhere on the walls of your pharmacy and customers themselves can select the desired product on a touch screen and pay by card. Once the order has been placed, it is directly dispensed to your counter for handover.

    The screen also operates a space-saving digital medium for promoting products and offers.

    Learn more.

  • Open up beyond business hours.

    The 24/7 dispenser is a vending machine for standard products of the pharmacy, where customers can also shop outside business hours and on Sundays and holidays. The dispenser can be installed either integrated from the outside facade or free-standing and integrates fully into the existing inventory and sales software.

In order to develop and offer new health services, it is crucial to optimize storage in terms of space utilization and inventory and to increase the time spent with customers looking for advice. 

Less time for inventory handling and maintenance

Your expertise is the most important asset for your pharmacy. And also for your patients. By freeing up time that is used for the manual steps in inventory management and picking medication, your knowledge becomes available where it's most valuable. At consulting your customer.

More space for the commercial area

Pharmacy robots store and optimize the inventory of more products in a smaller area than manual pharmacy warehouses. This frees up space. Space that can be used for customer advice on the one hand, but also for product placements and promotions that have a positive effect on the pharmacy's revenues.

Approach that grows with you in the future

It is more important than ever that investments are not associated with rigid solutions, but that they include future development perspectives from the very beginning. If in the future you see the need to further accelerate your storage system due to higher demand, you can add a second arm at a later stage, add an automatic loader, connect the pharmacy robot to an automated transport system or even streamline all your processes in a cloud-software and communicate virtually with other customers. In this way, we enable you to always find the best solution for the current and future situation, without having to make all the decisions right from the start of the automation of your pharmacy.

Ability for customers to decide on the way they want to be served

Many customers are happy about the more intensive consultation at your counter. However, some customers may visit your pharmacy just to buy a standard product and do not need any advice. The additional space allows you to meet the different needs and also to integrate additional solutions, such as a Click & Collect counter or the 24/7 dispenser, which facilitates pick-ups outside business hours.

Learn more about pharmacy solutions by Swisslog Healthcare and Pharmony

Arrange a meeting or a software demo

Do you have an initial idea for the reorganisation of your pharmacy, are you interested in how an automation process can be implemented or would you like to gain an insight into the functions of our software solutions? Please leave us a message - the right expert for your needs will contact you.

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